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Get all your CoronaVirus sanitiser & protection products in one place, at great prices

JD Interior Solutions are specialist suppliers of:

  • Sanitiser Units
  • Sanitisation Stations
  • Hand Sanitisers
  • Sanitiser Refills
  • Masks and Face shields
  • Thermometers
  • Testkits and Gloves
  • Protections Booths
  • Safety Stickers
  • Protection Screens
  • Bespoke Services
  • Free advice consultation

In Partnership with

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As we are all starting to get back to work it is vital that our businesses have the
correct Covid-19 protection equipment in place to support government plans and
stop the spread of the virus. And many uncertainties still remains.

So as we try to crawl out of the pandemic and as the Governments try to ease the restrictions. We know reopening the society and our economies does come with a risk, and this is why, we have partnered with approved suppliers as well as healthcare practice lead by the Harley street healthcare clinic at 104 Harley street, London to help businesses navigate their way through.

There is so much contradicting information out there.

That is why together with our partners, we have made it our mission to bring clarity to you, the business owner, so that you can make sure your business, staff and customers are fully protected and in compliant with government guidelines.

We are working with the best healthcare partners in the country to make sure we can advise what is required and that all our products are fully in compliance with the U.K. government and also World Health Organisation regulations.

And we are also mindful of the fact that, now more than ever, every penny matters, so we have launched a subscription based COVID-19 support pack for our customers.

A flexible and very affordable package that allows businesses and individuals within those businesses to work safely, knowing well that, they have a reliable partner helping them along the way

portable sanitiser stations

Starting from £200

  • British made, DIY design – just a screwdriver required
  • Non – porous, wipe clean laminated MDF board with solid grade shelf
  • Sanitiser shelf can be custom cut to hold your existing bottles
  • Lightweight, durable, sturdy & free standing
  • Plain or custom branded with your logo/design
  • Extremely practical and require no further maintenance
  • Supplied with or without Sanitiser products
  • Guaranteed stock available NOW – We deliver UK wide
  • Available with or without sanitiser

Exclusive offer

2 x 500ml bottles PLUS a 5 litre refill for just £50.00

Protective Screens

Starting from £65

Check out our acrylic Covid–19  screens, the perfect way to  protect your staff and customers

  • Booth Screens
  • Table Top Screens
  • Desk Clamp Screens
  • MDF Laminated Screens
  • Hanging Screens
  • Floor Standing Screens
  • Floor Standing Partitions
  • Outdoor Standing Screens

Booth Screens

Desks & Tables Comes with all fixture and fittings, Perfect for office desks or restaurants, Custom sizes available

Table Top Screens

Desks and Counters Easy set up, slot together design High quality polished acrylic edges

Outdoor Standing Screens

Designed for customisable layout, 1.8mm clear acrylic, Frame springs for outdoor use

desk clams screens

Desk Clamp Screens

Stylish minimal design, perfect for office desks. Choice of acrylics and custom sizes available. All fixtures and fittings included

Hanging Screens

Perfect for use at bars and counters, Quick and easy installation, Choice of acrylic thickness available, Stylish minimal design

Floor Standing Screens

Long lasting durable materials, Removable stand for easy transportation, 3mm steel tube design, Customisable colour available +£30.00

MDF laminated screens

MDF Laminated Screens

Perfect for Offices, Restaurants and Schools. All custom sizes and made to measure. Choose any colour of laminate, textured finishes available.

Floor standing partition

Floor Standing Partitions

Perfect for Restaurants, Hotels and Barbers. All custom sizes, made to mesure. Choose any colour of laminate and textured finishes available

Hand Sanitisers

500ml, 5 litres available

Hand Sanitiser in a range of convenient bottles and affordable prices

80% proof alcohol – World Health Organisation Formula 1 – BS EN1500 Certified

Safety Stickers

Great Prices on Multi Packs

To ensure your business is fully equipped to communicate ‘social distancing’ rules to customers and queues; we also do a great range of high visibility, durable, wipe clean signs and stickers

Masks & Faceshields

Great Prices on Multi Packs

  • PMO.3 Nanofibre Masks (CE and ISO approved)
  • 3-ply Mask (CE and ISO approved)
  • Clear Face Visors
  • PMO.3 Nanofibre Masks

Safety Stickers

Great Prices on Multi Packs

To ensure your business is fully equipped to communicate ‘social distancing’ rules to customers and queues; we also do a great range of high visibility, durable, wipe clean signs and stickers

Testkits & Gloves

Great Prices on Multi Packs

  • COVID-19 PCR Swab Test Kit
  • Covid-19 Abbott IgG Antibody Test Kit
  • Latex Gloves
  • Vinyl Gloves

Antiviral Sanitisation Cleaning Serivce

Sanitisation service anywhere in London

We carry out a coronavirus deep cleaning service for all type of commercial premises (officies, warehouses, showrooms, shops, nurseries, schools) 

Our sanitising involves wiping down, fogging and spraying all touch points, surfaces, equipment and floors following the appropriate guidelines suggested by the UK government and Public Health institutions.


Great Prices on Multi Packs

  • IR Wall Thermometers
    • Handsfree Non-Contact IR. Wall Mounted Thermometer. Comes with 1 year warranty
    • T5 Face Recognition & Temperature. Detection with Sony Camera. Comes with 1 year warranty
  • Handheld Thermometers
    • Non-Contact Infrared Digital Thermometers
    • Infrared Non Contact Forehead Thermometers
    • UVC Wand Steriliser

Healthcare Support Packages

We offer healthcare support packages to make safety in your business a priority


Health & Safety

Our Health & Safety partners offer a health and safety service specifically designed for companies that don’t want to carry the overhead of a qualified Health and Safety Manager or wish to have access to specialist expertise.

Qualified consultants that really care about employee health and safety and we all want the workplace to be safe. Your consultant will become directly involved with your company to make sure your staff are safe and you’re compliant with legislation.

Space Planning

The design team are also on hand to help you to make better use of the space you have. Our space planning service is particularly useful for those businesses who are facing challenges fitting whole teams back into one

Virtual Zoom meeting

Have a FREE zoom meeting to get your health and safety questions answered and find out what your specific requiremnts are.

  • An in-depth audit of your existing health and safety arrangements with an onsite visit
  • A report on the findings from the audit
  • A review and update of your Health and Safety Policy and Procedure Manual
  • Telephone and email advice line
  • One monitoring visit a year
  • Name us as your health and safety advisor
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