Our aim is to provide customers with original, creative and eye-catching furniture and interior design ideas & solutions to perfectly fit their space and ambitions.

The end result being a satisfying furniture collection or outstanding singular piece, designed in a finish and style that is both unique and personal to your room setting.  


As experienced craftsmen we understand the finer details behind designing and manufacturing hotel furniture – for both contract furniture and high-end custom build pieces.

We specialise in providing stylish furniture, including a wide range of beds, cabinet pieces, wardrobes, bathroom suites, chairs and tables, as well as soft furnishings that create inspiring environments guaranteed to keep your guests returning.

Using high quality and durable materials, we manufacture and contract-supply an extensive range of cost effective yet sophisticated furniture collections to suit the tastes and budgets of all kinds of Hoteliers, as well as Bed & Breakfast, Holiday Rental and Hostel owners.

Improve Star Ratings

Guests will pay more for stylish, well-designed rooms

Restaurants & Bars

Through years of experience in the interior design and shop fitting trade, our team have become masters at designing a wide variety of commercial bar and restaurant furniture in all types of finishes, materials and styles.

Our design approach is sophisticated & refined but, importantly, it’s flexible enough to accommodate any setting and any brand; whether you require furniture or design solutions for a restaurant bar, pub or café, we’ll have your clientele in mind when it comes to styling your setting and furniture pieces. 

We also understand better than most that furniture for these vibrant and hardworking environments needs to be durable.

Improve Customer Experience

Entice your customers with a welcoming setting


Our diverse roster of skilled designers ensures that we are able to provide clients with a rich and extensive array of furniture pieces and bespoke collections to fit any corporate office environment or building lobby with comfort, practicality and inspiration in mind.

An extensive history of building and furnishing retail premises ensure we are able to advise clients about the continuously expanding selection of office furniture pieces; not just desks, chairs and cabinets, but also pieces as diverse as custom built lighting arrangements, sofas and beautiful one off lobby and foyer pieces.

Productive Environments

Stimulate productivity with inspiring offices & shared spaces

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Our Shop Pods team consists of experienced design and construction experts, who are passionate about building versatile retail spaces that our customers are proud to call their own.

Working with established retailers, franchisers, start ups and sole traders, Shop Pods can build & design custom, stylish, practical and affordable mobile retail shopping solutions for all types of businesses.

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